Hey everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your Spring Breaks! To help out in the fun, DJ Orion is hosting an AMA show with a 200kNX giveaway RIGHT NOW!

YES, 200kNX. Listen in… RIGHT NOW for more details!

Server Maintenance 2/11/2013

Just a quick heads up everyone, our radio server will be down temporarily for some new updates. No worries though! You can still visit our forums, our Facebook fan-page or go stalk…we mean talk to some our DJs on Skype ;)  Check back with us real soon and thank you in advance for your patience!

When: Monday February 11, 2013

7:30 PM EST – TBA || 4:30 PM PST

What: Server Maintenance!!

Edit: Maintenance is complete! 

Enjoy :)

[HAPPY NEW YEAR] January Show Month


Happy New Year from MapleRadio to you! On the first of January, we celebrated our 6th anniversary as one of Nexon’s proud fan sites. We hope to share another beautiful and thriving year with our listeners. So, what better way than to start the year off with wicked cool shows and free NX? Keep listening in, check up on our site, and frequent our facebook/twitter pages for more information.

From the management, sound team, graphics team, forum staff, and the DJs at Maple-Radio, we are forever in your debt for allowing us to share our music and our undying love for MapleStory with you all.

Let’s start the year strong and do our best together to fulfill our resolutions before 2014! Happy New Year!

[SPECIAL] Tune in for DJ Risque’s REMEMBER 2012


Feel like reminiscing about the past? Listen in to DJ Risque’s REMEMBER 2012 show – submit requests to listen to the TOP SONGS of 2012! Let’s celebrate the beginning of a wonderful new year together with some FREE NX! Since… y’know… the world didn’t end…. yet.

ATN: & Users!

Hey everyone!! If you are a user of or – We merged the user databases, which means your account on these websites have become part of the Maple Radio Universal Login System. This means that you need to reactivate your account with the new system by clicking here.  After you’ve reactivated your account, visit the Maple Radio forums for more information!!!


[Holiday] Happy Thanksgiving To Our American Fans

What a good day, family, friends,  and food! Thanksgiving is a great time, although in Canada, we tend to have it in October. Why October? Gives us time to save up money for Christmas! Anyway, to all our American fans out there, have a happy thanksgiving, and happy mapling. Don’t forget to request your favourite music, so we can get it out there for ya! Love, Maple Radio. – Makes it on Reddit!!! is one of the amazing creations put forth by Hanae, who also is the lead developer of (formerly held by the late xAdrian of Maple Radio) A listener from Maple Radio proudly shared this link on Reddit, and it got fanstastic feedback! Congratulations Hanae on a job well done, and we hope to see more of your incredible works as time goes on!!

Click here to UPVOTE the Link on MapleStory Reddit!

[FACEBOOK] Maple Radio’s First Facebook Ad Goes LIVE Today

How about this? Took almost 6 years, but we finally decided to advertise on Facebook! Thanks to all our donators, fans, staff and those involved. Have you spotted the facebook ad for Maple Radio yet? Let us know! Cheers.

Are you using Mozilla Firefox?

If you’re using Maple Radio with Firefox, it currently does not support the HTML5 tags required to stream online media from a live source. So basically, if you’re using Firefox, or Opera, it will not work because the browsers do not support it. More info on browser compatibility can be found here. We do have an alternative flash version of our radio player, which will be updated tonight. This will work for Firefox/Opera users. In the mean time, if you happen to have Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer, do give it a try~

[FORUMS] Unscheduled Maintenance 11/17/2012

Hey all,

Just so there’s no surprises, well, I guess it’s a bit late now, but the Maple Radio forums will be down from 9:20 am EST until 11:30 am EST (6:20 am – 8:30 am PST) today Saturday, November 17, 2012. During this time, the following forum services will be unavailable:

  • MRULS – Maple Radio Universal Login System
  • The request system
  • Forums (donator forums as well), affiliate forums.

We are working on merging our three user databases together (Sleepywood, Maple Radio, and Perion Corner), but there were complications, and we need to roll back to 2 days ago. If you have created an account here in the past 48 hours, you may need to create it again.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Edit: Rollback successfully finished on time. Enjoy the forums!!


The Programming Team @ Maple Radio